Indianapolis' Rivoli Theatre. Indianapolis Business Journal photo

Rivoli, Indianapolis at risk

Indianapolis' Rivoli Theatre. Indianapolis Business Journal photo

Link below from Dennis Wilhelm’s smart phone. At one time Tom Ferree had a Louisville Uniphone theatre pipe organ installed here and he staged regular programs on it. The best remembered was a live appearance by Gloria Swanson who introduced her never previously released silent film “Queen Kelly” accompanied by the fabled theatre organist Lee Erwin.

“The owner of the Rivoli Theatre is in a legal dispute with the previous owner that could prevent the old movie house from being saved before structural problems render it unsalvageable. . .”


  1. Gary Parks

    Amazing to see such an old vertical and marquee (the latter looks original!) on a theatre like this. The structural issues and the legal wranglings answer my question as to why this one wasn’t on the Itinerary of the Indianapolis Conclave.

  2. Tom DeLay

    This would be a shame. I remember Tom Ferree well. He allowed me to play the Louisville organ on several trips to Indiana between 1970 and the organ’s removal in ’74 or ’75. The acoustic environment in the Rivoli was incredible. I attended a Dennis James program at the Rivoli in 1971.

  3. Alyssa

    Im very naive when it comes to the rivoli, but i do know ever since i was a little girl i wanted to own it. something drew my attention to its historic beauty. Now I am finishing high school and about to go to college and im trying to figure out how i can make this dream happen. im having no luck with finding numbers or emails of the owners of it now. i just want to talk to someone and see what it will have to take to restore this lovely theatere!!! so i can help and do it!

    • Find us on or Twitter @IndyRivoli we are always looking for volunteers and members to help us restore this wonderful community centerpiece!!

  4. Jim Kelly

    WE ARE HAVE THE ROOF RECONSTRUCTED. We need your help. Get involved, vouleeteer or donate funds.Help us save this great theatre. Jim Kelly Board President. The Rivoli Center for the Performing Arts,Inc.

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