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Rome, NY — Rome’s Capitol Theatre defies odds


The Conclave issue of Marquee® magazine is at the printer as we speak and should be arriving to the mailboxes of members in the next two weeks. Included in the package is the official 2013 Conclave Theatre Tour brochure and registration materials. If you prefer to register online, we’ve posted the official schedule and built a registration portal at historictheatres.org.

In preparation for this year’s trip, Conclave co-organizer and THS Board President Karen Colizzi Noonan passed on this article about Rome’s Capitol Theatre. Enjoy!


NY-Rome-Capitol postcard photo 1952Rome’s Capitol Theatre defies odds
By NED CAMPBELL | Published by the Observer-Dispatch
Posted March 07, 2013

ROME, NY — As a young girl growing up in Rome, Cynthia Quackenbush saw her first movie, “Mary Poppins,” at the Capitol Theatre.

Quackenbush, 49, of Herkimer, said she was enchanted to see the Disney classic and remembers being quite impressed with the old-style theater.

She remained impressed after making a recent trip to the theater to see a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” with her husband, Steven.

“It was worth the drive in to see an old movie that we love on a big screen like that,” she said. “You just can hardly find a theater like the Capitol. It’s just so big and ornate. It’s beautiful.”

Returning patrons such as Quackenbush are evidence of the theater’s success at gauging what the public wants. That skill has put it in a position to expand, theater officials said. (Click here to read the entire article.)

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