San Diego, CA- Spreckles Theatre at 100 years!

Spreckles Theatre celebrated their 100th birthday in 2012 and THS member, Ted Gooding reflects on the theatre and the 2005 Conclave visit to Spreckles.

THS visited this theatre as part of the add-on to the 2005 Southern
California Conclave & Theatre Tour.  Theatre opened August  23, 1912.
Cost of $497,500.  Seating 1,970.  Had a rare (for California) a Black
Balcony.  This theatre, which was built for Vaudeville, had two Balconies.

During the 2005 THS Conclave, Mrs. Jacquelyn Littlefield made a special trip down to the theatre just to see who these Theatre Nuts were who came from all over the world to see her theatre.  Some of you might remember her.  Her Father
took over the theatre in 1931, and when her Father died she took over the management at age 22.  Big job for a little lady.  She is now age 90, and very active in the management of the business.  She bought the theatre in 1962.

She has spent for the Centennial $400,000.  The theatre building is
only 10 years older than her!

I have heard through the grapevine that the City of San Diego has
wanted to take over the Spreckels Theatre for many years, but she has
fought them off.

2005 was the only time THS has been to San Diego, CA.

You can read the article from the San Diego Union Tribune and check out a great slideshow by clicking here.

Thanks to THS member Ted Gooding for supplying this story.


  1. Joe Z.

    The 2005 (not 1995) Conclave visited San Diego.

  2. Thanks for the catch on the date Joe. I’ve updated the post. Regrettably, both the 1995 and 2005 Conclaves were before I was here at THS, so I missed the typo. Thanks again for the assistance!

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