Sat Feb 20 Madison WI

While it’s not free, it is the next best thing! Duck Soup Cinema at Madison’s Overture Center silent film series with international touring theatre organist Dennis James at the Grande Barton Organ.

The Gold Rush 
Starring Charlie Chaplin 
Dennis James, theatre organist Saturday,  February 20    2 pm & 7 pm

These light-hearted presentations bring back the Capitol Theater’s early years as a silent-film era movie palace. They present a classic silent movie accompanied by a live theatre organ music provided by Dennis James at the Grande Barton Organ, and preceded by vaudeville style entertainment on stage, magic in the lobby plus a chance to win fabulous door prizes, all hosted by funnyman Joe Thompson. The 2010Duck Soup Cinema season has added 2 p.m. Matinee shows by popular demand, and the 7 p.m. performances will be sign language interpreted.

All shows take place in the newly remodeled Capitol Theater. Tickets are $6.  All seats reserved.  New this season!  Tickets available by phone or internet.   It’s still the best deal to get your tickets in person at the ticket office and pay no additional charges.

Rudy Lienau, Events Manager of the Madison Overture Center says, “Dennis James is the best theater organist for silent film accompaniment in the US.”

William Hansen, the late Barton organ curator, wrote, “I am convinced that most any innovative organist can do a respectable job in silent film accompaniment. After all, at the peak of that period there were thousands employed in that very occupation. However, there are artists that stand above most of their peers in their ability to demonstrate film accompaniment as a true art form. I know you are not supposed to really “listen” to the music, but when Dennis James plays the temptation is too great, but it is never at the expense of enjoying the film. He presents an ever-changing rainbow of seemingly endless timbres. Dennis always uses the organ to the maximum, from one gentle stop against another, to a variety of full-organ combination that is always impressive. His classical training really counts, but is always aimed at pleasing the listener. All films in this series are shown in 35mm format at correct speeds and with proper aspect ratio. In that old movie palace (the former Capitol Theatre) the combination of atmosphere, original organ, and top-quality film presentation is a winner.”

Complete Dennis James current tour schedule at the University of South Carolina:

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