Seattle Cinerama Gets a Make Over

Many thanks to our Cinerama devotees Terry Monohan, Ted Gooding and Bob Ashley – all of whom sent the following news:


Cinerama closes for two months, starting Monday


Posted by Moira Macdonald

Many of you may have heard this already, but just in case: Cinerama, everyone’s favorite big-screen mecca in downtown Seattle, will be closing for two months for upgrades. The last show will be late-night Sunday the 29th (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” which I’m told looks terrific on the massive Cinerama screen), and the closure begins Monday the 30th, with reopening planned for early November. At the same time, Cinerama’s owner Vulcan Inc. has announced that it has parted ways with the AMC chain, and will operate the theater independently.

Upgrades will include 3D capacity (currently Cinerama isn’t equpped for it — even “Avatar” only played in 2D there), new digital projection and sound systems, and a new (but same-size) screen. And the theater’s charmingly retro interior, which always makes me think of the Flintstones, will get freshened up with new carpet, new paint, a spiffed-up concessions area, and a new outside marquee and signage. Vulcan spokesman David Postman told me that the seats are still fairly new — installed in 2008, he thought — so they won’t be changed. “It’ll still look like Cinerama, and hopefully a little more like it used to,” he said. “It’s all about trying to preserve what’s there.” He also confirmed that, despite the digital upgrade, the theater will still be able to present 70mm and three-panel Cinerama formats, and plans to continue its annual 70mm festival.

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