Sneak Peek: SIFF Pulls Back the Curtain on the Uptown [Seattle, Wash.]

[via THS Director Dennis Wilhelm of Miami Beach, Florida]

By Michael Nank on Oct 19, 2011,

The Uptown Theater comes back to life tomorrow night as the projection switch is flipped and the silver screen is once again lit up with moving images.

Last year, the future of the Uptown was uncertain as AMC bowed out of its 50-year lease on the long time Queen Anne movie house and left open the possibility that the historic theater would be gutted and laid dormant for at least five years.

Fortunately for the cinéaste in all of us, Carl Spence, Artistic Director of SIFF Cinema stepped in immediately and gave the Uptown a new lease on life, encouraging SIFF to take on the remaining five-year AMC lease. We were given a sneak peek on what movie lovers can expect after the usher tears their tickets and the once inoperable theater curtains are pulled back to welcome the new found flicker on the screen.

Since taking over the mainstay building in lower Queen Anne in April, SIFF has been spiffing the joint up with a new paint job, new concession counters, new neon lights and a refurbished marquee. Now that the fresh coat of paint has dried and the 35mm projector has been oiled up, SIFF Cinema Uptown is ready for its close up.

Tomorrow, in conjunction with City Arts Fest, the Uptown will be home to three nights of rock & roll sing alongs – which to us seems like a very appropriate way to celebrate its re-opening. In addition to its three-day kick-off, SIFF plans to provide year-round programming in this newly reclaimed venue. …

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