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ILLINOIS SPOTLIGHT: Naughty idea but nice cause


(Decatur) Herald & Review

3:01 AM CST, December 31, 2009

ST. ELMO, Ill.

A stitch in time, it’s said, saves nine.

So if you and your friends aren’t wearing a stitch, can you help save a historic theater?

The St. Elmo Historical Society is in the process of finding out with a seminude 2010 fundraiser calendar titled “Naughty but Nice!”

It features 13 color shots of everybody from the city veterinarian to the local newspaper owner to a waitress with a seductive smile posing in the altogether. Strategically arranged props, ranging from an impressively sized bolt-action rifle to a golden retriever dog (which even appears to be smiling), cover up the truly naughty bits, although readers’ imaginations are given free rein.

The oldest of the male and female models is 71 and the youngest in their early 40s. The historical society hopes its naked and proud bravery will sell like hotcakes as, having borrowed some $64,000 to buy, reroof and patch the circa 1940s Elmo Theater on Main Street, they could sure use a hot fundraiser.

The idea for the calendar came from society member, St. Elmo Pet Clinic veterinarian and Miss January star, JennieAnn Heischmidt. She’s the one with her frontal anatomy somewhat obscured by Shakespeare, the smiling retriever. “Lucky I’d lost weight in the last few years,” said Heischmidt, 57. “Or the dog wouldn’t have been big enough.”

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  1. jeff trier

    i started working at the st elmo theatre when i was 12. i thought it was so cool to change the marque, and usher the movies. this is really great thing.

  2. David W, Muma "Pete"

    My name is David W, Muma. I ran the movie projectors in the St. Elmo Theator around 1959


    I was in the Class of 1954. My family moved to St. Elmo when I was 3 years old. My Father Tom Jones helped build the refinery that was there. When I was old enough to go to the movies I went every Saturday when admission was 10 cents. Cartoons, westerns, and Laurel and Hardy. Many a time I fell asleep and my Mother knew where to find me, in the front row. I was at the 60th reunion of my class and of course I went to Main St. and took pictures. At one time (1950) we lived on Main St. over the Pool Hall one block from the theater. Feel free to resond. Joe Jones

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