Stetson’s 82-year-old Stover Theatre likely to be razed [DeLand, Florida]

  May 24, 2012 12:05 AM
Daytona Beach News-Journal  


A bit of history on Stetson University’s DeLand campus may soon meet the wrecking ball.

The Stover Theatre, which was built in 1930 and is part of the campus’ National Register of Historic Places, is scheduled to be razed in mid-July provided the university gets the go-ahead from the city’s Historic Preservation Board and City Commission, said Cindi Brownfield, a university spokeswoman.

The Stetson Board of Trustees voted to bring down the theater during its May 11 meeting, Brownfield said.

“This was a difficult decision,” Brownfield said. “We are committed to historic preservation.”

However, at the same time the university wants to provide a facility that is consistent with the quality of its students and faculty.

“The Stover Theatre is not usable by anyone,” Brownfield said.

She said the building designed as an assembly hall rather than a performance hall and, with its flat roof, the structure has endured significant damage from leaks over the years.

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  1. Boo, hiss!

  2. Ken McCullough

    As an Alumnus I cetainly do not want to Stover raised

  3. The destruction of this historical building is not only an injustice to the Stetson Campus it is a TRAVESTY in that this lovely and significant building has been deemed unworthy to exist in our community! Deland has prided itself on it’s roots – it’s respect for the foundation it was built on, and there is NO reason this building could not re-purposed. I lice just around the corner in a 101 year old home – thank GOD some cheap board of trustees didn’t have the final word on my home…..which is not only lovely, but quite safe and homey. I am disappointed in the UGLY modern looking signs that now mark the campus’s buildings – they are out of place and were probably quite costly. They might look terrific on some MODERN campus. But then again maybe tearing down the “old” and replacing with what some call “improvements” is the real direction the board is taking. Where will this stop? How many more of the beautiful old buildings will be crushed under the boot of COSTLY (not to mention UGLY) new architecture that does NOT blend in with the historic district the Stetson Campus is a part of??? SHAME SHAME SHAME.

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