Sun Sept 16 – LAST CHANCE to hear the Stadium Theater’s Mighty Wurlitzer in Concert!

THS has sadly learned that the Sunday, Sept 16 performance by THS’s own JACK COOK will be the last presented on the Stadium’s magnificent Wurlitzer.  The theater’s management made the decision to cancel all pending 2013 organ shows.

Jack Cook tell us that “Steven Ball, Chris Elliott and a few other professional musicians have referred to the 1926 “Historic”  original, intact organ as A  LITTLE GEM!  This is a wonderful compliment coming from outstanding professional organists!”

So, in light of this sad news,  you will want to make every effort to attend:

Sunday Sept. 16. at  2 pm the Stadium Performing Arts Center in Woonsocket,  Rhode Island will present THS member Jack Cook at the 1926  Wurlitzer organ. The Style H 2 manual -10 rank instrument is a rare intact original installation.


  1. wayne zimmerman

    What is the reason??

    • The organ was played in concert only and the concerts were well attended and had a loyal following. We will reach out to the management of the Stadium theater and request a response due to the concern of several posters. Rather than speculate THS will offer the Stadium an opportunity to respond themselves. Please stay tuned.

  2. Chris Manning

    It would be great if you could include locations (city/state) of the theatres featured in the Readerboard articles.

  3. Good point, Chris! This is a follow up to a previous post on the same topic which had full info. Plus, the last paragraph of this post does list the Stadium Theater in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. (I just love saying “Woooooonsocket”!!) Thanks for your input!

  4. GrumpyOne

    The theater does list a silent movie with organist for early March, 2013…

  5. Does the local chapter of ATOS take care of this instrument?

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