Richard Sklenar, THS President Karen Noonan, and the late Joe Ducibella

Thank you, Richard!

Richard Sklenar, THS President Karen Noonan, and the late Joe Ducibella

December 1st will close a chapter in the history books of THS as longtime member and employee, Richard Sklenar officially retires.  Richard was an active member long before he became Executive Director in 1993.  For the last 18 years he has admirably maintained the daily operations at headquarters, safeguarding our assets through lean years and positioning THS for growth in the future.

Since June of this year Richard has organized our Community Outreach efforts and worked closely with Publications Director, Ken Bloom to produce Marquee.  He has also been an invaluable asset to our new Executive Director Rick, sharing his extensive knowledge and concise observation on the history and development of THS.  His presence during the leadership transition has facilitated uninterrupted service to our members and advanced our shared mission.

Today marks Richard’s last day in the office as he will be utilizing his accumulated vacation days throughout November.

As we reflect, we recognize and applaud Richard’s achievements and many years of service to THS.  Likewise, we acknowledge that his many accomplishments are rewarded with a well deserved rest.  We wish him well as he begins a new chapter in his life.


  1. GREAT memories of an amazing night at the grand reopening gala of the Coronado Theater in Rockford IL! Thank you for your service to THS, Richard, and for your friendship too. Wishing you many wonderful adventures in your retirement. More time to explore America’s historic theaters, theater organs and trains!

  2. wayne zimmerman

    To my Good Buddy Richard Sklenar (aka “RS” – which I know stands for “really slender”):

    RETIRE!!! How could you do this??
    I’m saddened, dismayed and totally despondent. With whom can I now kibitz, share my most intimate thoughts and wry witicisms, voice my many devastating observations and comments?? WITH WHOM I ask you??
    And even more significantly, with whom am I to discover and enjoy the various Steak & Shake emporiums??? I looked forward to those rare occasions with you to help fill the void left by the late ice cream, apple fritter finder, bon vivant Thomas D’.

    Oh well, someone said that “All good things must come to an end.”
    In this instance an “All GREAT THING is coming to an end.”

    We’ll miss you!!

    WZ (aka “wonderfully zoftig”)

  3. Kerrick Sasaki

    Thank you Richard! We will all miss you, but enjoy your well deserved retirement!

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