Thank you!

I did not have the honor of meeting Dr. Tom Du Buque in person.  I came here to THS just a little too late and missed the opportunity to share in his life.  I’m told that I would have absolutely loved Tom.  Kathy and Freeda tell me that we even do a lot of the same things.  Apparently, my blasting show tunes on the office CD player was also a favorite activity of Tom’s.

I certainly do share in his legacy every single day.  His picture is on the wall, I sit in his “filing chair” in the Archive and his spirit is always here.  It’s funny that I can feel Dr. Tom’s spirit but I have never even met him.  Surely, it has been shared with me by everyone who loved him.

I bet that all of you who shared in the joy of Tom’s life have taken a moment this week to reflect and remember him as well.  A wonderful way to honor our friend is to make a gift to the Dr. Thomas R. Du Buque Research Fellowship here at THS.  We hope to make the first awards this fall and your gift will enable us to share Tom’s spirit into the future.

If you would like to honor Tom’s life by adding to the fellowship fund, call Freeda at the office and she can process your gift immediately with your credit card.  You can also send a check to the office marked Du Buque Fellowship.

I didn’t want this week to pass without taking a moment to reflect on Tom’s life and his legacy to THS.

I also just wanted to say “Thank you, Tom.”

Rick Fosbrink

THS Executive Director

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  1. Gary Parks

    Beautifully stated, Rick!

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