The Senator Theatre (Baltimore MD) loses a long-time friend

All of us at the Theatre Historical Society send our heartfelt condolences to the Friends of the Senator Theatre on the passing of the Senator’s long-time canine mascot Natty Boh.  Visitors to the iconic Baltimore theater were frequently greeted by Natty with a happy wag of the tail and an invitation to “toss the ball”.  His happy face will be a lasting reminder of the strong sense of Family that was the hallmark of the Senator Theater of yore.  Rest well, good and faithful friend.


  1. Gayle

    Wow…. Natty Bohs mom here. I’m…speechless. Thank you for this! It became clear to me early on, that Natty-Boh was not my dog alone. He belongs to everyone. He thrived on going to work each day, as most Border collies do, but his job at The Senator Theatre was extra special. We became used to folks stopping by and asking for him him by name, and simply b/c they wanted to see him, and not necessarily the film. He now joins his best friend, Bill Hewitt (former Senator Theatre projectionist) in tht heavenly theatre in the sky, where again, all dogs are welcome! Thank you THSA for this wonderul and heartfet post. (and yes, dogs TOO can be old theatre nuts!)

  2. Gary Parks

    It would be interesting to find out some of the stories of classic theatres which had canine, feline, or other furry or feathered or finned or scaled mascots over the years. In the last years of the York Theatre in San Francisco–before it became the Brava Theatre–a couple of cats were kept on the premises. Some attendees of the 1991 Conclave may remember how one of the cats kept upstaging–literally–Steve Levin, while Steve was lecturing on what had once been one of his family’s theatres.
    The Fox Mission (former DeLuxe, T&D–demolished 1953) in San Jose had Tired Tim, who would emerge from backstage every evening and slowly walk across the stage while the picture played, and then hop onto the organ console, and curl up. After the last show of the evening, he would see the staff for a dish of milk, and then spend the night chasing mice in the darkened theatre. I found out about Tim while researching my book, Theatres of San Jose.

  3. Milton Krysztofiak

    I think it irronic that at one point the health department attempted to ban Natty from the theatre.

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