Theater to Allow Cell Phones During Live Performances [ Bellevue, WA]

By Claudine Zap | Work + Money 

Welcome to the performance space of the future: A 2,000-seat concert hall, a state-of-the-art building, and a policy that allows the audience to use cell phones during the show.

 The bold decision of the Tateuchi Center to be built in Bellevue, Washington, first reported by the New York Times, is a play for a younger, texting generation to take an interest in attending live performances.

 John Haynes, the CEO of Tateuchi Center, who is overseeing its design and construction, was given the option of putting a cell phone signal block in the performance space. He thought, “That is exactly the wrong direction to go in.” For a tech-savvy audience to feel at home at an arts center, Haynes decided to not just let Wi-Fi into the space but also to allow tweeting and texting during live performances.

 Speaking on the phone to Yahoo!, the 64-year-old said, “I am convinced we can control the experience, but we can’t forbid the experience.” He added, “We are creating a new etiquette for a younger audience.”

 That new audience, Haynes hopes, will include the employees of Microsoft, which has its headquarters nearby. The software firm has put $2.2 million toward the arts center. …

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  1. wayne zimmerman

    IDIOTS!!!!!I IDIOTS!!!!!

  2. gregg davenport

    What a truly horrible idea!

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