Theatres on Screen: Los Angeles Orpheum Marquee stars in the Kia Rapping Hamsters Ad

Ok, 99% of the viewing public would never notice the quick shot of the iconic Los Angeles Orpheum marquee in those adorable Kia Soul commercials, featuring the rapping hamsters.  But WE do, right? 

Ed Kelsey, THS Director and General Manager of the Orpheum recently shared a little insight into the production of this popular commercial.  Ed says that most of the commercial was shot in the parking lot directly behind the theater.  The Orpheum marquee is a popular backdrop for national commercial exposure – we’ve seen it in soft drink, jewelry store and fast food chain spots.  But the Kia Hamsters are easily the most entertaining to date!

Here’s a link to the full 1 minute commercial, watch at the :16 second mark for our too-cool little drummer doing his thing with the fully lit marquee blazing over his head.  (And note the “sold out” show on the marquee: “Moochie & the Woodchips” – priceless!)

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  1. Gary Lee Parks

    VERY cute!!!!
    AND…at about the 0:21 second mark, down the street, what looks like the Orpheum’s vertical sign can be seen but lower down, and on a different building. Photoshop? A large replica? Maybe Ed can shed light on this one.

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