Threatened: Los Angeles, CA – Fairfax Theatre


Suzan Filipek

IN 1930, the Fairfax Theatre was a bustling place.

Photo courtesy of the L.A. Conservancy

COMPUTER GENERATED image of the proposed mixed-use development shows the Art Deco facade intact at the left of the corner of the Beverly Blvd. and Fairfax Ave. property.

Opened some 80 years ago at the northwest corner of Beverly Blvd. and Fairfax Ave., the Fairfax Theatre is a rare find in the city, says actor Gaetano Jones, of the Friends of Fairfax. “It is an architectural landmark, one of the few remaining theaters. It’s been an anchor of the community.”

Besides being a full-fledged working theater, it screens movies in an historic venue and is the cornerstone of the neighborhood, said the founder of the small-but-growing group.

Members plan to submit an application this month to the city Cultural Affairs Dept. to nominate the building as a city Historic-Cultural Monument.

Meanwhile, the owners of the property, B & F Assoc. in Santa Monica, are in preliminary plans to gut the interior of the two-story structure for a mixed-use building with 71 condominium units and 12,000 square feet of retail space. The six-story building will include a rooftop pool and other amenities and four stories of of residential the front be four stories on Beverly, said Ira Handelman, spokesman for owner Alex Gorby and government and communications relations consultant. “We believe [the new building] is going to be a very positive asset” to the area.”

The Art Deco façade of the theater will be preserved while the interior is to be gutted. An environmental report is underway for the project. “We believe the interior has been changed so much it really doesn’t have a significant character,” and is not worth preserving. The building also lacks parking.

via Larchmont Chronicle Story Archive.

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