THS Annual – Celebrates the Drive In! Tell us your story!

By popular demand, THS is finally creating an annual to celebrate the Drive In Theater! 

Do you have a fun drive-in memory?  Do you have a high quality photograph of your favorite drive-in to share?  Publications Editor KEN BLOOM wants to hear from Y-O-U!!

Contact Ken by email at – but hurry, time is short!  THS celebrates the DI in the 2010 Annual!

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  1. Gary Lee Parks

    Good to hear this. It’s time we give them their due. I don’t have much to contribute, as I’ve almost never photographed them. I didn’t go to many as a child, and have been to none as an adult. In Southern California, we went to the Circle and Lakewood drive-ins in the Long Beach area. The sign and landscaping of the Circle was particularly nice. During the Northern California half of my childhood, we went to the Skyview in Santa Cruz (which had just been torn down at the time our Conclave 2008 busses went by the site on the freeway). Then my last drive-in experience was a one-time visit to the Lakeport Auto Movies on a night off while working at a nearby summer camp in 1979. It was “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

  2. Dave

    I remember going to a drive in when I was in high school. Didn’t do the “make out thing”, since it was ME, my female cousin and my high school buddy. Circa 1971. Bad B-Movies, and crappy food. Compared to the movie palaces I went to THEN, it was a mediocre, but memorable experience. I was born and lived on the northside of Chicago for the first 50 years of my life, so the “drive-in” aura escapes me. I LOVED the Uptown, Granada, Oriental Downtown Chicago. Gas fumes made me ill.

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