THS Archive To Sell Surplus Materials On EBay

For many years THS has been offering surplus items for sale during the annual Conclave/Theatre Tour. For the last few years THS has been selling back issue Marquee and Annual on EBay. A selection of items will still be set aside for ‘first offer’ sale at Conclave.

However, THS is running out of storage room and valuable space is wasted on duplicate and non-relevant materials. Therefore, THS will now offer both back issue publications as well as surplus items for sale on EBay. These items may include duplicate books, photographs, programs, postcards, small objects, and any other items which are duplicate or do not fit with the collection policy or mission of THS. All monies from items sold will benefit the THS Archives. To view the items for sale, go to www. EBay. com and search for seller TheatreHistoricalSociety. Some items are available for sale now. In the future, auctions for items (when available) will start on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. Be sure to check EBay for treasures to add to your collection!

ALSO REMEMBER that if you or download the GoodSearch toolbar OR click through GoodShop (www. goodshop .com) to Ebay, then a portion of your purchase price from any seller will be donated to THS! GoodShop is partnered with many other stores also. When you shop online at 1,000+ participating stores including Amazon, eBay, Target, Apple, Staples, Expedia, etc., a percentage of your purchase will be donated for free! The site also has thousands of money-saving coupons. GoodShop is part of GoodSearch (www. goodsearch. com) where each time you search the web with GoodSearch’s Yahoo-powered search engine, a penny will go THS.

–Kathy McLeister, MLIS
THS Archive Director
archiveths @ aol .com

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