THS Director Gary Parks – Egyptian Art

THS Director GARY PARKS is a man of considerable artistic talent.  His passion for historic theaters is matched only with his love of all things Egyptian!

We convinced Gary to share photos of his latest commission and here he explains the movie palace themes that inspired his client:

The client, a Hollywood memorabilia and architectural artifact collector, wanted to see a rendition of the winged scarab from the proscenium of Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre interpreted for the floor of his entry.   (The design was) drawn full-size and… cut with high pressure water jets in aluminum, brass, and copper.  The client liked the idea.  “So let it be written, so let it be done!”  And it was so.  It is approximately 5′ wide by 3 1/2′ high, and is the first thing you see upon walking into the house.

Also pictured:  The painted pharaoh I created for the inside of the front door.  Be sure to notice the corner of the metal scarab in the lower Right corner of the photo.  Not discernible in the photo are little hieroglyphs in the king’s jewelry and belt buckle which contain the names of the client and his wife, and my signature.  An aluminum kick plate had yet to be installed at the time the photo was taken, thus the ragged painted edge at the bottom of the pharaoh’s base.

This home also includes architectural artifacts salvaged from theatres, including the San Francisco Fox,  San Francisco’s Amazon and El Rey, Pasadena’s Fox Colorado/Academy, and others.  A booth from Hollywood’s Brown Derby restaurant is currently being installed in the Dining Room.

Thanks for sharing, Gary!

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  1. Gary Parks

    Thanks Karen–this is great! Great editing job too!


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