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The Palladium, new $118 million performing arts complex to open soon in Carmel, Indiana

The Great American Songbook Archive will live here. It began when Michael Feinstein was a boy. He discovered the music of George and Ira Gershwin and began collecting and for more than 30 years he has amassed a collection, and encyclopedic knowledge about its contents, that is considered among the most extensive in existence.

At The Palladium, the magnificent $118 million landmark building with a 1,600-seat concert hall, over 6,200 square feet has been dedicated to the Michael Feinstein Foundation, split into two areas of nearly identical size and shape on the Gallery Level. The East Gallery is planned for a future museum expansion. We’re currently developing the West Gallery, to house our Archive and Museum. Remaining a completely separate organization, we will relocate our national collection of rare artifacts to The Palladium, where we will conserve it for the future, and importantly, make it accessible to the public. Education and awareness will be delivered year-round. The new home of the Great American Songbook opens in January 2011.

Special items in collection
Thousands of early stage transcriptions, 78 and 33RPM recordings spanning decades of the Great American Songbook, the result of a generous donation from collector, jazz columnist, and frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Will Friedwald. The records document the recording careers of artists such as Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Frank Sinatra, and dozens of other artists and represent a collection that spans the generation. Added to the Feinstein Foundation archives in 2009 are the personal papers and manuscripts of lyricist Hy Zaret, who passed away in 2007. Among those papers is an original manuscript with the lyrics to “Unchained Melody,” one of the most recorded songs of the 20th century. Also in 2009, the Michael Feinstein Foundation acquired a premier collection from Mr. Bob Grimes, a collector based in San Francisco, who for more than 50 years, made music collecting his hobby. With over 43,000 sheet music titles in his massive collection, and more than 70,000 index cards filled with information recorded as he cataloged his collection, Bob Grimes has long been known as the man to turn to if you’re a cabaret singer in need of a long-forgotten, obscure song. Once relocated to the Michael Feinstein Foundation Museum and Archives, researchers and enthusiasts alike will again have access to revive the music of the Great American Songbook. Future digitization is planned. In 2010, the Foundation received what is considered the preeminent collection of Andrews Sisters music and memorabilia, to add to the Michael Feinstein Foundation collection. We are grateful to collector and writer Bob Boyer and his wife Dottie for the contribution of this significant piece of American history.

Michael Feinstein’s American Songbook — produced by THS Publications Director Ken Bloom

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