Updates from the Archives: Balaban & Katz Collection

This past week member and volunteer Bruce Cutter and Pat Seymour our Archives Director rolled up their sleeves and took on the Balaban & Katz collection in full force. The Balaban & Katz Collection includes corporate records from the Midwest theatre chain from the late 1920s – early 1960s (including artist contracts, building leases, ledgers and board meeting notes), as well as promotional literature.

The majority of the collection has now been processed and cataloged, and these photos show Bruce and Pat rehousing and arranging materials. Once the arrangement is complete the whole collection will be prepared to be uploaded online for browsing online. Stay tuned for updates!
Are you interested in volunteering in the archive or accessing the Balaban & Katz Collection?
Please contact Pat for more information via email or by calling the office at 630-782-1800.


  1. Renee Pappas

    My father , Tom Pappas, managed the Milford Theater, owned by the Balaban’s, from the mid 1960’s through 1970’s. Is there any mention of him in any of the archives? I have the ads he made for the shows every week, as the managers did back then. From 1929 until he retired in 1978 my father worked in movie theaters in Illinois and Indiana. The movie business was his life and he loved it. He brought the love and appreciation of old movies to me. I’m now 54 and I so miss the films from the great decades of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

    • Catherine Olteanu

      Email Pat the Archives Director directly — he’ll be able to answer your questions. His email is archivedir@historictheatres.org


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