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vassarOne of America’s great small-town movie theatres needs your help to convert to digital.

The historic Vassar Theatre is a single-screen movie theatre located in rural Vassar, Michigan. The theatre opened in 1937 and continues to light downtown Vassar, showing first-run movies seven days a week.

In its 75-year history, the theatre has survived numerous floods, extended closures, vandalism, economic hardships and the ravages of time. After a complete restoration the theatre was rechristened in 2005 and was soon-after voted “Mid-Michigan’s best movie theatre”. But our work is not yet finished and our biggest challenge lies ahead.

Go Digital Or Go Dark

In the very near future (likely this year), 35mm film will be eliminated forever at which time movies will only be distributed to theatres on digital media. We must install the expensive digital projection equipment necessary to continue to play current movies and keep the theatre open. The cost of this equipment is about $65,000.

Digital projection equipment will allow us to continue to show current movies with crystal-clear video and sound as well as various alternative content that was not available on film. Although we’ve taken great pride in our superior film presentation to date, digital technology has come of age and we need to adapt or die.

Become A Movie Hero

Although the theatre has received great support from the community, the fact is, like most single-screen theatres, the Vassar simply cannot jump this hurdle alone. We need YOUR help to make this happen and prevent this theatre from languishing.

(Click here to support the Vassar Theatre’s Kickstarter Campaign, one of the venues from 2011’s Michigan “Roads Less Traveled” Conclave.)

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