We Need YOUR 2010 Conclave Photos!

Greetings fellow Conclave Travelers!

Now that everyone is safely home and (hopefully) recuperated from the fun and excitement of Conclave 2010, it’s time to get serious about creating our next Conclave Memories CD!
The Creative Team of John Keisendahl and Ken Bloom have set a goal to have these available for purchase by Oct 1 for holiday gift giving.  So please help us out by donating your best shots to the effort.
What’s In It For You:  All contributors will be credited on the CD case notes and as a special thank you, we will waive your shipping charge when you order copies of the completed CD.
Please read these simple (but very important) ground rules for submitting your photos:
If you are sending just one or two photos, they can be emailed directly to John K at knox9808@att.net  — ONLY if you have no more than 2 photos, otherwise his mailbox will explode. Seriously.  It will.
To submit more than 2 images:
1) Please select no more than TEN (10) of your favorite images.
2) Please save them to either a flash drive or burn them to a CD.
3) Please, oh please… Use folders, file titles or SOME EASY WAY to identify the photos you are sending.  Unfortunately, if the image is not identifiable, it can’t be used.
4) Feel free to share people shots as well as architectural shots.  Other than the great theaters, the fun folks who make up our happy band of wanderers are the reason we come back year after year. Please note, however, that the Creative Team reserves the right to edit photos for content and appropriateness.  (Just because you got a killer shot of seatmate snoozing on the bus with his mouth open doesn’t mean you should necessarily send it or the Team should necessarily use it….)
5)  Mail the media (flash drive or CD) to:
        John Kiesendahl
        9808 Holly Street
        Kansas City, MO  64114
6)  Indicate whether you would like it returned or if it can be donated to THS in your name.  (If you would like it returned, it would be really nice if you included a couple of bucks to help with the return postage.)
If you have ANY questions, please contact John (knox9808@att.net), Ken (kabloom100@aol.com) or me (Ebersonian1@aol.com) and we’ll be happy to help.
As always, thank YOU for making our 2010 Conclave such a rousing success and we look forward to gathering again in 2011.
 – Karen 

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