Wed Dec 14: TCM Tribute to George Eastman House

A note from THS Member and George Eastman House staff member TIM WAGNER

If you like vintage films, then tune your television set to Turner Classic Movies on December 14th.  TCM will pay tribute to George Eastman House that day by showing films that we’ve preserved.  I work in the motion picture department at GEH, and my colleagues and I are very proud of this honor.  It’s a privilege to share decades of our preservation work with TCM viewers.

The schedule is below.  Enjoy!
– Tim Wagner

  6:15 AM               The Blue Bird  (1918)

  7:45 AM               The Valiant  (1929)

  9:00 AM               The Spanish Earth  (1937)

10:00 AM               The Tresspasser  (1929)

11:45 AM               The Moon and Sixpence  (1942)

  1:30 PM                The Lottery Bride  (1930)

  3:00 PM                A Page of Madness  (1926)

  4:30 PM                Delicious (1931)

  6:30 PM                Payment Deferred (1932)

  8:00 PM                Fear and Desire  (1953)

  9:15 PM                Huckleberry Finn  (1920)

11:00 PM                Pandora and the Flying Dutchman  (1951)

  1:15 AM               Roaring Rails  (1924)  

  2:45 AM               The World Moves On  (1934)

  4:45 AM               Goldstein  (1965)


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  1. Dennis Scott

    Bravo for all your good work! Yesterday, I accompanied another of your saved films, the delightful “Peter Pan” (1924) at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago. The film stars Betty Bronson and the audience was very enthusiastic. I understand that George Eastman House had the only complete copy of the film. It has been beautifully restored. Many thanks!
    Dennis Scott, House Organist, Music Box Theatre, Chicago

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