Welcome to Indiana 2010

I’m Brian Wolf, and I will have the pleasure of blogging for you this week, throughout THSA’s 2010 conclave. Here in our Indianapolis base, things kicked off Tuesday with a walking tour throughout downtown Indy; we were priviledged to have experienced docents from Indiana Landmarks to explain the significance of many beautiful structures downtown, as well as those dearly departed. I for one felt lucky to catch any of the tour – Indiana’s idiosyncratic time zones caught me off guard, leaving me an hour later than I expected. I am sure many more surprises await us this week – I think Conclaves are a unique opportunity to see the United States, and I have yet to come away from a Conclave without a much different understanding of a region. There simply are not many organizations like THSA, where you can visit a different part of the country every year with a mostly consistent group of like-minded people. I can’t imagine another type of tour that would bring me through so many towns in Indiana. It’s really not flyover country, or something to bypass on the expressway – it’s a vital part of American history, and theatres are a unique way to discover our story. And of course, along the way, we all discover many other beautiful, significant buildings. This conclave has a lot in store, and I am sure we will all discover much more than corn in Indiana.

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  1. Ted Gooding

    I am enjoying readinng these.

  2. Joe Petrosino

    Great idea. Look forward to each and every,and the next update. It’s not like being there, but we can follow along with you on your journey, and get first hand information on the buildings your viisting. I’m sure it’s a treat for all members back here at home. Thanks for thinking of us.

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