YOUNGSTOWN, OH – People remember heydey of falling Paramount Theatre

YoungstownPeople remember heydey of falling Paramount Theatre
By Denise Dick | Published by
July 10, 2013

Barb and Loren Kindler of Hubbard brought their 2-year-old grandson to watch the demolition Tuesday of the Paramount Theatre.

“I have fond memories of the theater,” Barb Kindler said.

As a girl she would ride the bus from Hubbard to downtown Youngstown to catch a movie at the old theater on the corner of West Federal and North Hazel streets.

Loren Kindler was never in the building, but he too frequented downtown in his younger days. His father, Albert, was a vice president at the former McKelvey’s Department Store and the family used to watch parades from the building. The McKelvey building nearby on West Federal, was demolished several years ago.

Loren watched that too.

“I was born in ’44 and lived on the South Side,” he said. “We used to come downtown. It was so busy.”

Watching the old theater fall to demolition crews makes Loren kind of sad, but he hopes it leads to progress.

The couple brought their grandson, Clark McAllen, to watch because he enjoys watching construction projects as Grandpa explains what’s going on.

Small groups of people watched as a sprayer, called a dust fighter, doused the building with water and the claw of a long-reach excavator grabbed bricks and blocks from a top corner, dropping them below.

The city hired Baumann Enterprises Inc. of Cleveland for the $721,000 demolition job which started Monday and is expected to be completed in September. Hazel Street between West Federal and West Commerce streets is closed to vehicular traffic during the demolition project and the work is being done at night.

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